Week 5: Extension Activities

The children are currently on vacation, so this entry will relate a bit about the extensions we’ve done. In the midst of all the shadow explorations, we continued doing many other activities across domains. Knowing that connected learning is advantageous, I included the topic of shadows in other learning areas whenever possible.

The children enjoyed “Shadow Dancing” as a gross motor activity. Half the children were “Dancers” and the other half were “Shadows”.  They partnered up and faced each other while teachers demonstrated the process. When the “dancer” moved, the “shadow” moved in exactly the same way. If the “dancer” raised her right arm, the “shadow” moved her left arm. We then put on some music and watched the children slowly begin to imitate the other’s movements. After awhile, “dancers” became “shadows” and “shadows” became “dancers” to give everyone a chance to try both roles.

Another activity was to make a shadow matching game. Children took turns standing sideways behind our shadow theatre sheet and I took a picture of their shadow. I then made up two game boards, each with half of the children. The challenge was to match each child with his or her shadow using strands of yarn. Surprisingly, the children were amazingly observant of details in the shadows and excelled at this fun game!

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